Wellness holiday in Barcelona

Wellness holiday in Barcelona

Wellness holiday in Barcelona

Summer is still in full swing; the sun is still shining brightly and warmly in Barcelona.

It has been an amazing year so far for the team at Barcelona Bienestar. Our wellness and fitness holidays in Barcelona are becoming more and more popular with people from all over the globe; people who love Barcelona and who also want to get fitter, learn new techniques they can take home with them, and to generally finish their holiday feeling great about themselves and great about life.

More and more people are choosing a healthy holiday. For example, research shows that the number of British people planning a fitness holiday has doubled in the past year, with around one in two people considering an activity-based break as opposed to the traditional ‘fly and flop’ vacation.

The survey found that one in the three people wanted to ‘tone up’ whilst on holiday and a quarter of people surveyed said they would like to lose weight. In contrast, only one out of twenty people said they would want to go on a group drinking holiday. Separate research by a travel company found that staying active while on vacation is now important for 82 percent of people

More and more people are saying no thanks to over indulging on holiday, and instead they are choosing much healthier pursuits. This is where our wellness and fitness holidays in Barcelona provide the perfect answer.

Are you a typical Barcelona Bienestar customer?
So who is a typical Barcelona Bienestar customer? Who choses a Wellness holiday in Barcelona? The answer is that there is no such thing as a typical customer! We welcome single travelers, couples, friends, and groups small and large. We welcome people who have no fitness experience, people who are elite athletes, people who want to learn how to relax and rejuvenate, and people who want to increase their athletic performance. We welcome people who want to lose excess weight, to people who want to gain muscular weight. Young and old, we provide a service that meets and exceeds all of our customer’s expectations. And importantly, most of our customers become our friends who we stay in contact with. That is the perfect blend of professionalism and friendly customer service.

What is a typical Barcelona Bienestar Wellness holiday in Barcelona?
So what is a typical Barcelona Bienestar holiday? Again, there is no such thing! Whilst we offer our own wellness and fitness retreats during the year which always sell-out, most of our holidays are tailor made for our guests who may be in Barcelona for anything from one weekend to a month. There are no limits to what we can provide, and experience has shown us that by designing an individual program that can deal with all our customer’s requirements is the best way to ensure all goals are reached and exceeded. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, every season is beautiful in Barcelona and offers different activities.

Our fitness, sport and wellbeing holidays give people the chance to get away from their normal life with all the associated stresses and strains, and spend quality time in beautiful locations whilst also refreshing their body and mind. We have a wide range of holidays. On our detox, yoga and meditation retreats, clients immerse themselves into our programs designed to make mind and body healthier. Our fitness holidays feature many different activities in both personal training and group training, such as boot camp, Pilates, boxing, HIIT and TRX. These are designed for all levels of fitness, and we work closely with you to achieve all your goals. We also offer sport holidays where you can try new sports such as SUP, surfing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, cycling, hiking, golf, kite surfing and many more.

All our fitness professionals are fully qualified in everything they teach. A problem in Barcelona is that Spain is not so regulated when it comes to fitness and health instruction, so many trainers there are not fully qualified and do not have the necessary experience. But with us you do not have to worry that you might suffer an unqualified person trying to teach you. Our team are all fully qualified and experienced instructors, and they work to our strict service standards. We can teach you in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.

Our fitness holidays Barcelona can be designed to meet all your requirements, so for example you can have a mixture of fitness sessions and different sports. Also we do not forget that you are on holiday in beautiful locations, so we can also help you to organise day trips, city tours, time to relax on beautiful beaches, and also entry to the best restaurants and clubs.

The attitude that a holiday should be over-indulging and going over the top are long gone. We know that you can return from a holiday with us feeling refreshed, fitter, healthier and having tried and learnt new training techniques and sports. Our support doesn’t stop there, we can continue with your fitness and diet plans. A fitness holiday Barcelona with us is really a fresh start.

To organise your Wellness holiday in Barcelona, please contact one of our expert team and let’s get started organising your holiday to the amazing city of Barcelona.

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