Barcelona Marathon and Personal Training Barcelona Marathon and Personal Training Congratulations to all the Barcelona Bienestar runners who completed yesterday’s Barcelona Marathon! Well done to Juan, Monica, Tatyana, Ariadna, Sofia, Martina, Maria, Eva, Luis, Daniel, David, Carlos, Marie, Emma and Hans. We make a great team! Today we can rest, but tomorrow we start training for our next challenge! 

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Barcelona Bienestar Runner

Fitness and Sport Holidays in Barcelona We are the experts in fitness and sport holidays in Barcelona, Spain. We are passionate about Barcelona, fitness and sport! We will create for you an individual program designed just for you to achieve your goals. We have designed programs for clients who want to get fitter, lose weight, gain muscle mass and just 

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Barcelona Bienestar TRX Training

TRX Training for fitness and sport

TRX Training for fitness and sport in Barcelona TRX training has been the talk of many gyms for several years now, and its popularity shows no signs of abating. It’s one of my chosen methods of training which I do a few times a week, and I really love it. TRX training or suspension 

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Barcelona sport fitness holidays surfing

Surfing and SUP holidays in Barcelona Surfing and SUP holidays in Barcelona One of the many activities we offer at Barcelona Bienestar is fitness and sport holidays for surfing and SUP (stand up paddle). We will train you how to be physically fitter for this cool activity, and also techniques about how to become a better surfer. How cool is 

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Chris Teaching Surfing

Fitness and Sports holidays in Barcelona

Fitness and sport holidays in Barcelona, Spain A holiday means many different things to different people. Some people go to a beach resort to relax in the sun. Some people choose adventure holidays to explore. Some people like sightseeing breaks or a more gastronomic emphasis to immerse themselves in a different culture. Some people choose 

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