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Almost everyone experiences some painful recognition of the complex and difficult job our back performs.  The vertebra, stacked on each other with cushioning discs in-between, supporting our ability to stand and move and also provide a protected environment for our nervous systems main pathway. Poor posture is the complex results from certain muscles tightening up 

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fit torso of man and woman measuring waist

HIIT sweat and lose weight

HIIT sweat and lose weight The holiday season is upon us, and it spells trouble on two different fronts: our battle with food, and missing workouts. On our health and fitness holidays in Barcelona, we use a wide range of different training techniques to give our clients the results they want. One technique that is 

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Senior woman jogging round the tarn in beautiful mountains, hills and hotel in background


Physical Activity for Great Health: A Complete Physical Activity Program As the sun rises on another beautiful day here in Barcelona, we want to explain why physical activity for great health is simple but vital in a training plan. A well-rounded physical activity program includes aerobic exercise and strength training exercise, but not necessarily 

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Good Morning Barcelona!

It is another beautiful start to the week here in #Barcelona, and we are looking forward to meeting new #friends and old friends on our #fitness and #sports #holidays in Barcelona and #Ibiza. This week we have lots of #personal #training, #surfing, #skiing, #snowboarding and #rock #climbing, as well as many fitness #activies and #training 

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Manchester United Player turns to Pilates

Manchester United Player turns to Pilates I love writing about Pilates, but I especially love writing about Pilates and men. I have done it many times before, and I hope that I will do it many times again. If you want to read my previous articles then you can click on my blog: 

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Barcelona Bienestar Free Holidays

Ретрит, фитнесс и спорт туры в Барселоне и на острове Ибица!

                                Ретрит, фитнес и спорт туры в Барселоне и на острове Ибица! Ретрит, фитнесс или спорт тур в Барселоне или на о.Ибица бесплатно !? Определённо, в современном мире ничего не бывает задаром и сложно представить, как можно получить бесплатно 

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Barcelona Ibiza Free Holiday

Free Retreats, Fitness and Sports holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza! Free Retreats, Fitness and Sports holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza! Free Retreats, fitness and sports holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza? Really? Surely in this day and age nothing comes for free, afterall, there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Maybe, but here is a wonderful opportunity that for just a little effort, you 

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Barcelona Bienestar Runner

Fitness and Sport Holidays in Barcelona We are the experts in fitness and sport holidays in Barcelona, Spain. We are passionate about Barcelona, fitness and sport! We will create for you an individual program designed just for you to achieve your goals. We have designed programs for clients who want to get fitter, lose weight, gain muscle mass and just 

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Barcelona sport fitness holidays surfing

Surfing and SUP holidays in Barcelona Surfing and SUP holidays in Barcelona One of the many activities we offer at Barcelona Bienestar is fitness and sport holidays for surfing and SUP (stand up paddle). We will train you how to be physically fitter for this cool activity, and also techniques about how to become a better surfer. How cool is 

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Как превратить отпуск в Барселоне в ретрит здоровья и фитнеса

Как превратить отпуск в Барселоне в ретрит здоровья и фитнеса Поездка в отпуск для каждого из нас имеет своё значение. Кто-то отправляется на морской курорт, чтобы удобно расположившись на шезлонге, расслабиться на солнце. Другие предпочитают познавательные приключения. Для кого-то поездка в отпуск- это экскурсионные поездки по историческим и значемым местам, или экскурсии с гастрономическим акцентом, 

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