Fitness training for women in Barcelona

Join us in Barcelona amd Ibiza for your fitness or sport holiday. Get TLC everyday!    

Learn to surf in Barcelona A surfing holiday in Barcelona or Ibiza may come as a surprise to many people, but it is possible to surf in Barcelona and Ibiza. The truth is that the waves are not frequent and they are not usually as high as more famous surfing locations, but remember that this is the Med and 

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Как совместить в Барселоне приятное с полезным Как совместить в Барселоне приятное с полезным? Вопрос, как совместить приятное с полезным, всегда актуален! Позвольте представиться, Юлия Николаева – соучредитель и фитнес тренер компании Barcelona Bienestar. Я, как фитнес тренер компании Barcelona Bienestar, занимаясь фитнес програмами по трансформации тела и коррекции фигуры в Барселоне, каждый день вижу женщин и мужчин упорно «работающих» в 

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Volleyball barcelona ibiza

Volleyball in Barcelona and Ibiza It was a beautiful day yesterday for volleyball on the beach in Barcelona. Join us on one of our sport or fitness holidays for lots of exercising, stretching and of course lots of time playing volleyball. We have more winter sports holidays this year; surfing and skiing / snowboarding, and of course many other 

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Good Morning Barcelona!

It is another beautiful start to the week here in #Barcelona, and we are looking forward to meeting new #friends and old friends on our #fitness and #sports #holidays in Barcelona and #Ibiza. This week we have lots of #personal #training, #surfing, #skiing, #snowboarding and #rock #climbing, as well as many fitness #activies and #training 

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Barcelona Bienestar Runner

Fitness and Sport Holidays in Barcelona We are the experts in fitness and sport holidays in Barcelona, Spain. We are passionate about Barcelona, fitness and sport! We will create for you an individual program designed just for you to achieve your goals. We have designed programs for clients who want to get fitter, lose weight, gain muscle mass and just 

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Barcelona Bienestar TRX Training

TRX Training for fitness and sport

TRX Training for fitness and sport in Barcelona TRX training has been the talk of many gyms for several years now, and its popularity shows no signs of abating. It’s one of my chosen methods of training which I do a few times a week, and I really love it. TRX training or suspension 

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