Surfing holidays in Barcelona

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Surfing Holidays In Barcelona

A surfing holiday in Barcelona or Ibiza may come as a surprise to many people, but it is possible to surf in Barcelona and Ibiza.

The truth is that the waves are not frequent and they are not usually as high as more famous surfing locations, but remember that this is the Med and not the Atlantic! There can be good swells usually in the Autumn and Winter months but they are not easy to predict. If there is a swell then Barcelona and Ibiza can be great places to learn to surf with relatively warm water and excellent facilities.

One thing that we can do all year around is Stand Up Paddle. This is a wonderful alternative to surfing and can be done everyday of the year. Both activities require skill, technique and physical fitness.

Training for Surfing and SUP
Surfing is a very physically intense and demanding sport. It requires physical and mental focus at all times. In order to develop the strength, stamina and balance you need to be a successful surfer, our training programs integrate the following components into your workout regimen:

  • Core Strength and Balance
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Lower Body Strength
  • Flexibility and Stretching

The best surfer’s workout program incorporates both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Surfing requires a physical demand on both energy systems. Oscillating between the two systems while targeting the muscle groups involved in surfing is crucial: results are maximized when you keep the body guessing which energy system is needed.

Stand Up Paddling is much harder than it looks, and it targets many muscles of the body and provides an incredible work out of the arms, core, shoulder, back, and even legs. Varying intensity of paddling and the types of surfs and currents allow for a dynamic and always-changing workout on the water.

Why choose Barcelona Bienestar for your surfing and SUP holiday?
The great thing about surfing and SUP in Barcelona and Ibiza is that you have many other amazing attractions as well. We have clients who come and only want to surf and SUP,but many other choose to add a surfing/SUP session to their fitness holiday.

We can teach you the basics of surfing, even if there are no waves. If there is a swell then you can truly know how exhilerating it is to stand up for the first time. We can also teach you to SUP, and you will enjoy hours out at sea admiring the beautiful scenery whilst challenging your mind and body.

We will train you to stretch and warm-up/cool-down. Depending on your holiday requirements, we can also give you a training program that will improve your technique and stamina. With Barcelona Bienestar, you have complete flexibility to organise as much or as little of your holiday as you want.

We offer you total flexibility
The main thing we offer you is total flexibility of choice.

We organise dedicated surfing and SUP holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza all year round. As part of your holiday, you can choose to have stretching sessions in the morning and evening everyday, and warm-up and cool-down sessions. This is essential to make sure you get the full enjoyment from your holiday, and it will help you to avoid injury and prolong the amount of time you can spend in the water. We also recommend that you add massages to your holiday.

You can also add a day or two of surfing and SUP to your sport or fitness holiday in Barcelona or Ibiza. We have many clients who love to spend some time surfing and SUP, and the other time snowboarding, MTB, cycling or just relaxing in the wonderful city of Barcelona or on Ibiza.

Lastly, we have dedicated surfing and SUP weeks that you can join. This is a great option for single travellers or people who want to meet new people and have fun in a group. These holidays are based in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Remember that you can also add our extras and luxury extras to any of the above holidays including your own personal photographer, nights out and massages.

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