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Even if you are not born to run, you still have a great chance to be the best in 5K. All what you need some dedication and a plan. 5K = 3.1 miles, this is a totally manageable goal.

A healthy diet and running regularly can help reduce blood pressure, improve your mood, and get your fat crying. You have dedication, so now you need a plan how to hit the ground running! Our simple plan contains two simple steps, first is GET STARTED, second is training PROGRAM. So, let’s see what is included in each step and don’t forget there are no doubts, YOU CAN DO IT!

How to get started?

  • Gear up. While those go-to kicks might be great for everyday wear, that doesn’t mean they’re right for distance running.
  • Team up. For extra encouragement to go the distance and motivate yourself grab a friend, neighbor, or join a local running club.

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  • Sign up. There are plenty of 5Ks to choose from, so sign up early and keep that eye on the prize! What is good motivation point too.
  • Warm up. To stave off injury, for the period of preparation for a 5K run, dynamic stretching is your best friend! You must start from dynamic stretches before every run. Try walking lunges and straight leg marches.

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  • Master the form. To get started, learn the proper fore-foot foot strike and the basic head-to-toe running form.
  • Cross-train. Variety is the spice of life. Mix your training sessions with a weekly team sport, weight lifting session, or Zumba class. Your aim is not to get bored from routine.
  • Listen to your body. Running is high impact exercise and isn’t always easy. Remember, it’s natural to feel your body ache and hurt a little bit. However, if anything feels like more than a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale, to avoid injury which can knock you off and leave aside from the training progress, slow down and give a rest to your overloaded muscles.

lose weight 5k runMassage and sauna once or twice a week is good and will help in that case. It’s very important to keep moving to your goal with no injuries!


Which PROGRAM to follow?

4-5 weeks should be enough time to get prepped for competition for healthy, injury-free individuals. If you are starting from zero and have problems catching your breath and adapt your muscles for running sessions, then for you it will be better to add extra 2-3 weeks to adapt yourself to training plan.

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