Barcelona Fitness Holidays

Healthy Holidays in Barcelona

Healthy Holidays in Barcelona
The days of lazy holidays dominated by food and drink are a distant memory as more and more people look for a holiday experience where they can go home healthier, more relaxed, and fitter having learnt new techniques and information about how they can sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Health and fitness go hand in hand with the outside, active lifestyle that many people associate with Barcelona. The climate, facilities and sights all mean that training here is a totally different experience to the usual training that most people have at home. That, in conjunction with the fact that more people are not looking to go on holiday to overeat and lay around all day means that our fitness holidays in Barcelona are the most popular holidays we offer.

Exercising outside is a wonderful experience, and in Barcelona you can comfortably do so all year round. Of course we have facilities to exercise inside as well, but who wants to be inside when we can be on the beach, in a park or in the mountains?

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Training in Barcelona
Our clients chose to train with us for many different reasons. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscular weight, some want to train for a specific event or sport, some want to learn new training methods and techniques, and some simply want to have a wonderful holiday and still go home feeling fitter and stronger.

Some clients come alone for a personal training experience and others come in small or large groups so they can train together. As well as our range of fitness training equipment, there are numerous opportunities to use urban and beach furniture and features to train. The backdrops will be the sea, palm trees, parks, stunning architecture and even the mountains.

Our clients are typically normal people who want to kick-start their training, or more advanced clients who want new experiences and challenges. Our fully trained professionals offer all levels of exercises to cater for all levels of fitness.

It would be a missed opportunity to come to Barcelona and Ibiza and not experience any of the amazing sights and sounds. We understand this well, so we work with our clients to create the perfect balance between fitness, sightseeing and relaxing.

Why choose Barcelona Bienestar for your fitness holiday in Barcelona?
The great thing about fitness training and holidays in Barcelona and Ibiza is that you have many other amazing attractions as well. We have clients who come and only want to train, but many other choose to add a surfing/SUP session to their fitness holiday, or cycling, rock-climbing, or many other activities that we offer. Fitness will never be more fun!

You tell us your goals and we will work with you create your dream holiday. We use all modern training methods and technology, more details of these can be found on our fitness section. Our methods include TRX, Pilates, HIIT, boxing, Weighted Vest training, body-weight training, Tabata and many more. You are free to choose the methods you prefer or want to try, or you can let us use all our expertise and experience to design your program for you.

Barcelona Fitness Holidays

We offer you total flexibility
The main thing we offer you for your healthy holidays in Barcelona is total flexibility of choice. Tell us what you want, and we will build it for you. We organise fitness holidays in Barcelona all year round. We can also organise:

• Your accommodation in our hand-picked farm houses, apartments and hotels
• All your transfers
• All your food that will be prepared by our expert chefs, tailor-made to match your goals
• We also recommend adding massage to your itinerary to help your body deal with the new demands.
• A personal photographer to catch all those magic moments
• Nights out in Barcelona
• A charter yacht to cruise around the Barcelona coastline
• Cooking lessons and nutrition lessons
• Meditation and relaxation techniques
• NLP training to help you with all aspects of your life

When we say we offer a total package, we really do mean it!

Barcelona Fitness Holidays

Long-term changes
We do not only aim to give you an amazing weekend or week with us. We will also teach you new techniques and we will give you new knowledge so when you go home you can continue your new healthier lifestyle. We will give you a training program, and we also offer on-going support so the effects of your holiday with us can last for years and truly change your life forever.

You want healthy holidays in Barcelona? Book today!
So to start your fitness adventure in 2016, contact us today and you will receive a personal service that like your holiday will exceed all your expectations. See you in Barcelona soon!

We at Barcelona Bienestar are the experts for health, fitness, sport and wellness holidays and retreats to Barcelona and Ibiza. Unlike many other companies, we actually live in Barcelona and Ibiza, and we offer a range of packages that suit every budget. You can enjoy as many hours each day of activities that suit you, and we will also help you to enjoy all the wonderful sites and sounds that Barcelona and Ibiza have to offer. Gone are the days of over-eating and over-indulging holidays. Now you can have a fun, active and healthy break returning home feeling energised, relaxed and recharged. All of our instructors have the highest qualifications and experience so you can trust us with your health and fitness. We teach in English, Spanish and Russian.

For more information, please click on or email and we will be delighted to speak to you about your next holiday.

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