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Health Update: Overweight problems for Spanish Men

Health Update: “Most Spanish people will be overweight by 2030”

A new report warns of an obesity crisis in Europe of “enormous proportions”, with 80 percent of Spanish men set to be overweight by 2030.

Spain is highly respected as being the country with the highest life expectancy and the healthiest diet, but a new World Health Organization (WHO) report this week warns that a Europe-wide obesity crisis will hit the country particularly hard.

The WHO predicts that the majority of European countries will register increases in obesity before 2030 in both men and women in an underlying crisis that could threaten the entire continent.

In Spain, 80 percent of men are expected to be overweight by 2030 compared to 66 percent in 2010, while obesity rates are predicted to jump from 19 percent to 26 percent.

Over half of Spaniards will be overweight by 2030, 10 percent more than in 2010, the report says, making Spain one of the worst hit countries in Europe.

The study’s results are “worrying” according to its author, Lauren Webber, who will present the findings at the European Congress on Obesity, which is taking place in Prague from May 6th-9th. Webber said that “urgent action needs to be taken”, including taxing unhealthy food and making healthy options cheaper.

Whilst this report gives great reasons for concern, it is worth remembering that there is also a trend in increased numbers of people exercising and trying to live more healthily. This is especially true among people under the age of 40. Our experience at Barcelona Bienestar is that throughout Europe there is a movement away from lazy, over-indulging holidays. More and more people want activity holidays. In Barcelona and Ibiza, we also see more and more local people joining our group fitness sessions and personal training sessions. In fact one problem is the general poor quality of trainers we see as the fitness industry in Spain is not as regulated as it is in other European Countries.

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