Frequently asked questions

We are always delighted to receive enquiries from you via our contact form, but you might find that some of the questions and answers below will be helpful as well.

Please remember that we offer two different choices for you:

1) You and your friends can choose to join one of our organised retreats or fitness holidays, or

2) We can organise for you and as many friends as you wish you very own bespoke holiday any day of the year.

Q Can you organise a holiday just for me with my own specific requirements?
A Absolutely. Some people chose to join one of our Retreats where we have already organised everything for you, but other people prefer us to organise a totally tailor-made holiday featuring all the things they want. All you have to do is give your dates of travel and what you would like to do, and we will organise everything.

Q Can you arrange a holiday for me if I am travelling alone?
A Yes! We can organise your holiday if you are travelling alone, as a couple, small or larger group.

Q Do I need to book my own accommodation on one of your bespoke holidays?
A We can help you with your accommodation or if you prefer you can book your own. We work with only the best hotels, pensions, villas and apartments in Barcelona.

Q Should I take out personal Travel Insurance?
A Travel and relevant Health Insurance is compulsory, and you will not be able to proceed with your booking with us until you provide us with proof of your cover.

Q What if my fitness level is not so good? Can I still join one of your fitness camps?
A Absolutely! You can rest assured that our expert trainers will assess your personal fitness level and make sure that you get an enjoyable and challenging holiday.

Q Do you provide food?
A Yes we do. Our Head Chef is also a fully qualified nutritionist so you will get the highest quality of food that is also healthy and nutritious. We always use organic, fresh and locally sourced products whenever possible. You can have either two or three meals a day. On our retreats the chef usually stays with us in the villa. If you stay in a hotel or apartment, then your food will be delivered to your accommodation.

Q When and how should I pay?
A We usually ask for a deposit of 50% when you book, with the other 50% payable 12 weeks before you travel (if you book less than 12 weeks before you travel then the full amount will be payable). You can pay us by bank transfer or by PayPal as these are the most secure methods.

Q What is your cancellation policy?
A Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Q Do you arrange my transfers from the airport?
A Yes we do. This will usually be by private taxi, mini-bus or on occasions by train. We will tell you your exact arrangements before you book.

Q Can I add excursions to my holiday?
A Yes you can and we can of course help you to organise these. Please refer o our Terms and Conditions for more information about agents and suppliers.

Q Can I cancel or add additional sessions and activities during my holiday?
A Yes, this is possible and we will do everything we can to help. But please be aware that you will not receive any refund for last minute changes or cancellations, and any additional sessions will of course be charged for.

Q What if I have existing health problems?
A We will send you a Health Questionnaire before you travel which you must please complete honesty. You should also seek your GPs advice before participating in any activity.

Q Do I need a VISA to come to Barcelona?
A Please check with your Embassy with regard to any VISA requirements. As per our Terms and Conditions, we cannot be held responsible should you not have the necessary VISA.

Q Can I bring my children on holiday with me?
A We can cater for children on certain holidays so please ask us and we will do all we can to help.