Barcelona's Reputation

Barcelona’s Reputation Grows

Barcelona’s Reputation Grows

It is what we have known at Barcelona Bienestar for years, but now it is official! Barcelona’s reputation just gets better and better. Barcelona is now the sixth most reputable city in the world, according to a new study, beating Edinburgh, Geneva, Copenhagen and Venice in the top ten.

International consulting firm Reputation Institute based the rankings on surveying more than 19,000 people from industrialized countries on what they thought of each place in terms of its economy, government and environment.

“The overall reputation of a city is built upon direct experience, mass communication, third-party endorsements and broadly accepted stereotypes,” said Fernando Prado, managing partner at Reputation Institute, in a statement. “These are bottom-line issues for local policymakers, because a good reputation strongly correlates with an increase in tourism, relocation and investment in that city.”

Barcelona scored the highest for its appealing environment, coming in third after Rome and Paris.

Barcelona also got a boost since last year’s ranking in which placed it at number nine.

According to the study, reputation is important because it affects diplomacy, attracting foreign knowledge and talent, as well as tourism.

In the Reputation Institute report, Sydney was ranked the most reputable city overall, followed by Melbourne, Stockholm, Vienna and Vancouver.

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